Junior Entrepreneur Program (JEP)

Aimed to teach children about business & finance


A Junior Entrepreneur Program (JEP) is a program that aims to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in children aged 8-15 years old. JEPs are designed to teach children about business, finance, and entrepreneurship by providing hands-on experiences and interactive learning opportunities. The program is typically taught in schools or other educational settings and is designed to be fun and engaging for children.

JEPs teach children important life skills that can be applied in both their personal and professional lives. Children learn about the importance of goal setting, teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. They also learn about the value of hard work and persistence, as well as the importance of taking calculated risks.

The program is designed to be highly interactive, with children working in teams to come up with business ideas and develop business plans. They are encouraged to be creative and innovative, thinking outside the box and coming up with new and exciting business ideas. They also learn about marketing, sales, and finance, developing a deep understanding of how businesses work.

JEPs often culminate in a final project or event, where children present their business ideas to a panel of judges or investors. This gives them the opportunity to showcase what they have learned and to receive feedback on their ideas.

Junior Entrepreneur Program is an excellent way to help children develop important life skills, learn about business and finance, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. It is a fun and engaging program that encourages creativity, innovation, and teamwork, and can have a positive impact on children’s future success. By participating in a JEP, children can gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and learn how to turn their dreams into reality.




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