About us

About Us

“Right skills can make all the difference”

We are delighted you are here and to have the opportunity to share with you a small insight about us and our Core Skills Development Programs and After School Activities.

We are ambitious to work in developing the Mental, Physical, Emotional traits and Multiple Intelligence among children with all learning abilities.

Brilliant Minds aim to enhance the mathematical and analytical skills level of children through UCMAS Abacus and Vedic Math programs.

Our STEM-based programs-Robotics, 3D Printing, Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are completely engaging and inquiry-based and are student’s delight.

Our specially designed School Preparatory Program for kids can get your child through School interviews with 100% results.

A student built bot in a beginners class


To constantly work on exploring, building and providing modern learning techniques and opportunities for developing the right skills among children and be competitive.


To provide “Education through Recreation and Logic” and “Essential Skills for an Excellent Personality” for our young generation to reach their full potential for we need them to become Community Builders.

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